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Small Business Idea--Is it Feasible?

Hey e'erbody, I'm thinking of starting a small business, and I thought I'd run it by the Hivemind to see what everyone thought before I spread the word.

I've been making some small-batch flavoured syrups for cocktails recently, and they're turning out great. I'm hoping to make a bunch more and seal them in jars so I can have them stocked up (if you don't seal them up, you have about a week to use them before the yeasties invade).


I'm also hoping to try my hand at making tonic syrup (to be added to soda water to make tonic water), as well as bitters (definitely the most labour-intensive).

Anyhow, I'm looking forward to making these for myself, and also sharing them with friends and family.


But I'm also thinking about maybe branching out and selling them if they're good enough? Maybe use said friends and family as guinea pigs (with delicious rewards for them), and then if the feedback is good enough, selling them. I'd probably just sell them by order/door-to-door delivery over the winter as kind of a beta project, and then if it went well enough, I'd look at getting a stall at my local farmer's market over the summer. I wouldn't necessarily expect to make much of a profit, but I'd hope to at least recoup production costs. It's more of a fun side project for me, and one that selling what I make could hopefully fund.

So I'm wondering:
1) Does this sound like a good idea/something that people would buy?
2) Is it acceptable to use friends and family as guinea pigs (with aforementioned delicious rewards)?
3) Can I expect to at least recoup production costs?
4) What are the steps I need to take toward making this a little business?5) Is it acceptable to set up a Kickstarter to ask for help getting going?
6) Has anyone here ever done something similar, and would like to offer advice?

Thanks in advance, friends!

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