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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Small Children and their lack of shame

This will never stop being hilarious to me.

This weekend my little buddy turned 3 and there was another 3 year old boy at the party. Gram had set up a little kiddie pool with toys and stuff in it and as soon as they saw it they started stripping. They were both naked as the day they were born within literally 2 minutes of seeing the pool and decided that clothing wasn't for them (to be fair, it was warm). There was a 5 year old there who at first seemed like he was embarrassed for them - but it didn't take long for him to join the naked party (completely unprompted). Kind of crazy how a small child's birthday party turned into 'everyone naked in the backyard! there's a sprinkler and swimming pool!'


They had to be literally wrestled into swimsuits. Mean mamas just won't let them be freeeeeeeeeeee

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