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Small Goals and Successes Post

I was going to do this last night, but my internet was being a turdface (suck it, AT&T). Let’s talk about small successes and goals. The minor stuff that helps us feel like we are making overall progress.

When I was super sick a few weeks back, I drank pretty much only water. I have been one of those people who if I could have Diet Dr. Pepper for blood, I would, so this was a major change.

Since then, I have drunk at least a gallon of water a day. And only 2 diet sodas each day. My only source of caffeine, on top of that! I did the math, and this is (embarrassingly) saving me about $20-30/week.


Also, pretty much every weekend since the beginning of December I have been cleaning out about 3 large plastic totes’ worth of shit from my home. I’m at the point where I am running out of things to go through, and the basement seems positively ginormous since there is more than a path through the piles.

How about you, awesome denizens of groupthink? What small goals have you been kicking ass and taking names at?

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