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Small parent rant...

Spacer for venting about my mom.

I’m starting to suspect that my mom might be a bit of a narcissist. My first obvious sign was when she bought a champagne colored dress to wear to my wedding (my dress was champagne). We also had quite a few spats when planning my wedding, because her primary concern was how it would reflect on her to her friends (most of whom I hadn’t seen in decades).

It’s tough because my dad goes along with whatever she wants and my brother has never been a proxy for her in the way I have. Everything I did growing up, from dying my hair to choosing a college, was mostly about her.


She’s visiting right now and I swear she’s 63 going on 3. She deliberately plans poorly so she can complain. We went to a state park and she pretended that she didn’t know where we were going and wore completely inappropriate clothing and then complained and made us cut the visit short.

Dining out is the worst. Wherever we go she complains that she “can’t eat anything there” because she “eats normal food.” Like first of all, how self centered to think that the regional food you’re used to is “normal” and frankly offensive as well. We were at a German restaurant eating a meat and cheese plate. And of course she won’t make a suggestion as to where she DOES want to eat or what IS “normal food.”

When I expressed to her that a pattern of no suggestions plus complaints was somewhat frustrating, she started crying.

It doesn’t help that they’re a real southern “respect your elders” bunch. I couldn’t “talk back” to my parents growing up and I guess I still can’t now.

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