I just wanted to say thank you to the kind GTers who responded to my rambling mess of a post three weeks ago. I read all your comments and am sorry I didn't write a reply. I was truly hysterical and only stopped the crying a week after posting that. I truly appreciate all your advice so thank you very much for that.

I am still feeling bad, especially since the fuckbuddy situation didn't work. He basically went quiet after that and after weeks of non-contact, I sent him a telepathic note to lose my number. Welcome to the real world where people use people, amirite?

This week is also something of an emotional shithole for me. Three years ago, I got engaged to my first love, and the memory of him kissing my hand and the engagement ring before he left for the airport is still in my head. I've been doing my best to block all the memories for the last 10 months but damn if it doesn't stop flooding back.

Now, who's got remedies to heal my ugly dark under eye circles?

(also posted on Sunday Sign-Off)