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Small Pox Scar and AntiVaxxers A Connection?

I am sure the younger GTers have seen on their parents or grandparents upper arm a small circular scar size of a dime. I am sure many asked what it was, which is normal.

For those who were children in the 60s and early 70s you well remember it. Oddly I never got the vaccine. I should find out. Most kids as you well know did.

The smallpox vaccine left a small dime like scar on your upper arm. It was a special needle type.


We live in an age of skin perfection. How many commercials feature skin lotions for the perfect smooth skin. I cannot recall one that had a mature actor or actress with that scar being displayed in an ad even back in the 80s. I wonder how much that may be playing in the subconscious of the antivaxxers? I think there is one other vaccine that leaves a scar. Not sure which but nothing common.

Actually even in movies or tv shows has that scar ever been shown? I cannot recall seeing an actor having it. (i could be misremembering) it was a really common vaccine. I assume makeup covered it for actors.  I assume some producers thought audience may not find actor beautiful enough or handsome enough if they saw that scar.

I could be totally wrong if there is a connection. Won’t be first time.

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