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Small Rage Rant

Two minor pieces of rage regarding my question about the Liam Neeson/Emma Thompson relationship in Love, Actually.

1. Yes, you, dear vigilant commentor, caught me. I am only asking because they are opposite sex friends. In fact, I've been lurking here, commenting and posting all while playing the long con of someone waiting to make an innocuous remark about how men and women can not POSSIBLY be friends because of teh sexxxy partz. Way to figure me out. I shall turn in my Jez card immediately


2. Why it so fucking difficult to read the ENTIRE thread before making a fauxoutraged and stupid remark? Oh, you thought they were brother and sister too? Hmmmm, just like the other 42 people in this thread. Oh, they are "JUST FRIENDS. DUH"? No shit and as I pointed out in various other responses, I find it weird that is was never specifically addressed because so many of the other relationships were painstakingly described. But thank you for your diligent and condescending reporting.

Ironically, I have used the dismiss button on this thread more than any other this week, including the ones in support of Catholicism. That, my dear GTer's, is hilarious to me. Hilarious and RAGE-INDUCING.

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