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So, with the passing of the holiday season and the start of the new year, people are naturally drifting towards the idea of losing weight and/or getting fit. I'm seeing a lot of weight-related topics popping up, and I suspect there will be plenty more. Let me be clear: definitely not saying people shouldn't discuss body image or weight loss or whatever. I too have diet/fitness goals that I'm interested in sharing and talking about. However, I'd like to make one request. Can we be a bit mindful of how we talk about our weight and our bodies? It's just that... everyone has different feelings about their bodies, so can we avoid labeling certain body types/weights/sizes as generally gross or undesirable? You never know if someone has that same trait or body type and will be hurt by that comment. Obviously, no one *has* to care if someone's feelings are hurt, but for those of us who are interested in not causing unintentional harm, it might be something to think about. To clarify, I mean the difference between "I like when my body is ________" as opposed to "My body is ________ and it's gross." I tend to be very self-critical myself, and will try to remember this moving forward. Anyway, carry on. ETA: Um... what happened to my formatting? Dammit Kinja... I don't know how to fix it.


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