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Small thing, strong emotional reaction.

I mean like murderous angry to sobbing angry. I'd admit my PTSD does make my emotions a

little on the 11 scale but... I've always hated this.

People who touch me from behind.

Particularly any person who uses my seat, head rest, etc on buses/planes/trains to pull themselves out of their chair. This is what your arm rest are for, not my head rest.


It freaks me out 100% of the time. I understand if you cannot lift yourself and this is literally the easiest way for you to get out of your chair, but I honestly want to start crying or kill you because the shock of being pulled back so quickly and having a stranger's hands near me freaks me out.

The worst is when you've just drifted off to sleep and they grab your head rest, pull your hair and pull your chair back. I never really settle down after that. I basically lean forward and curl into a ball.

What is something small that drives you a little bonkers?

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