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Small things (TW- child sexual abuse)

So my state senator has proposed legislation to help protect children from sexual abuse, primarily focusing on schools and youth organizations. Recently, The Boston Globe has done some great reporting on mainly private schools in the area and the sexual abuse of children at the schools, of which the majority of schools KNEW about it and kept the predatory adults around or allowed them to shuffle from school to school. It’s all very messed up.

But, why I’m writing this is because of the first paragraph in the Globe’s editorial today endorsing the bill. The bill itself is great and I’m glad my state senator is working on it. But the way it was framed in the Globe today made me... happy? If that’s the right word.

“Massachusetts state Senator Joan B. Lovely was sexually abused as a 6-year-old by a maternal uncle, trauma that ultimately has led her to file comprehensive legislation to protect kids.”


Wow! A woman in a position of power openly acknowledging childhood sexual abuse and trauma. It’s not shrouded in secrecy. I respect those who are more secretive, lord knows I get it... I still am. But it makes my heart swell when people open up about these things... people talk a lot now about rape and especially aquaintence rape... opening up about childhood sexual abuse perpetrated by a close family member, not so much. I have to keep it a secret in my family... my mother said I had to! Just to see this typed out in print about my own state senator makes me feel normal and ok. Also fuck these family predators and the families that support them.

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