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Small, tiny victory!

This is a post about weight loss!


I had been steadily gaining weight for the past few years, but I mostly managed to keep it around 63 kg (139 lbs), but I never managed to lose weight intentionally, it just fluctuated around my period and so on. Last fall something changed. Maybe because I was so depressed at some point I just gave up on a lot of stuff, maybe because of the extreme levels of stress that I can inflict on myself, maybe because I stopped taking the pill and I have a really weird form of PCOS. In any case, my weight suddenly skyrocketed to 68 kg (150 lbs) for a while, then it slightly dropped to 67.7 (149.2 lbs). This was way back around New Year’s. Ever since then, no matter how much I tried to cut my calorie intake, to be active, work out at home, try to walk everywhere, stuff like that — I never managed to lose more 0.3 kg/0.6 lbs and then I gained it back anyway, which was probably just normal weight fluctuation. So I was very frustrated that after months of trying, I just wasn’t successful in shedding any kilograms.


And then, finally, a few weeks ago, I went on the scale again and I noticed it said 67 kg (147.7 lbs). I just went on with my mindful eating and trying to exercise (at home, walking, hiking, swimming) because, even if (I thought) it didn’t really cause me to lose weight, I felt better about myself when I exercised and avoided junk food. A few days later I noticed it said 66.6 kg and I just went “hm!” but tried not to get too excited. It then dropped to 66 and I made this face at the scale:

Today I took a deep breath and weighed myself again, bracing for the worst (aka gaining back everything) — and I was at 64.7 (142.2 lbs)! That’s a 3 kg (6.6 lbs) loss in the last few weeks! Yaaaay! It feels like the world’s tiniest victory, but it’s progress! Finally some progress after 5 months of trying and being unable to overcome the plateau! Yessssss!

Thank you to everyone here on GT who supported me and advised me when I talked about exercising, eating right and feeling demoralized! For some reason it’s finally started to work! <3


ETA: I just shared my weight loss news with a friend and she said it happened because I finally got laid. I might just give credence to that theory :)

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