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Small Victories

I think I've posted before about how I seem to be coming out of what was a really bad depression. I know there's a running joke here about squalor, but I really was living in actual squalor, to the point of literal garbage and mess and basically giving up on living and just existing. I really can't figure out exactly why/how things started to change but they did a few months ago. I hired junk removal people (THEY ARE A GODSEND AND WORTH EVERY PENNY, FYI), I moved, I unpacked my belongings and hung my beloved art on the wall/put my books on the shelf, I started to feel human again.

Today, I finally got my grandma's antique dresser out of storage, where it has been for no good reason for about 2 years. So not only am I not wasting $50/month on a storage unit anymore (WOOHOO!), but now I can actually put my socks and underwear and shirts and whatnot AWAY IN A DESIGNATED PLACE. (DOUBLE-TRIPLE WOOHOO!). For the past few years, I've just been lumping everything on the couch.


Here is a picture of my small victory. Behold my underthings, GT! There aren't very many underthings because of squalorous reasons (including having to throw things away that were in a trailer that had gotten moldy, ew), but I am just so thrilled about this development.

Feel free to share your own recent small (or large) victories!

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