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Small victories & Open Thread

I love my job and I’ve loved the company I work at for a year and a half now. It was the kind of place that showed me what it was like to be appreciated, gave me joy, a safe haven even while my life was a bit crazy. These are no small things. But these days a new wind is blowing through the office.

I don’t feel taken as seriously, I’m not expecting as big a raise as I feel I deserve and I don’t feel like my hard work is seen by the chiefs. I got called in to have a conversation about my ‘behaviour’ about an emotional moment during a standup (I all but rage-quit, to be fair) and I’m getting the sense that this is because a coworker is very effectively playing them. I’m not the only one that has that sense either. Also maybe sexism. But I’m not quick to pull that card.

But there are small victories to be had. Because I work on the best products and with the best clients. Case in point : this week I convinced one of my clients to add a third gender option during an e-mail sign up flow. It’s small. I know. But I’m counting it as a victory.


How are you lovely people? Open thread here for those who want to share/rant/talk/gif/whateveryouwant!

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