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Small Victories

I posted about my cat’s health struggles about a week or so ago. Since then, I’ve been giving her sub-cutaneous fluids every other day. Before this, I’d never stuck a needle under someone else’s skin (I’ve poked myself sewing more than I’d like to admit). It’s...weird. For medical professionals, I’m sure it’s run of the mill, but it creeps me out a bit. However, I’m soldiering on for the sake of Sheba, and have now successfully administered fluids to her multiple times. Sometimes the needle pops out, and sometimes she isn’t happy about it, but I’ve gotten it into her nevertheless. I’ve overcome the squeamishness to get fluids and electrolytes into the cat.

She’s now sleeping in the sunny spot on the floor, next to the hamster.

ETA: I’m including a pic of her wearing that necklace she seems to like tolerate.


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