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Welcome To The Bitchery

Small world

A woman who I worked with years ago lives in my new apartment. I just found out. We were friendly until she implied that I got my (shitty) job that I was awesome at (and got by being awesome) by sleeping with the director of our group. Funny because I would never sleep with a guy for any job, but not this shitty one for sure. He is one of the few men I’ve known who I can see this about with a straight face...he adored and was totally faithful to his wife. Anyway, I was never friendly with her again after that and she never understood why it was offensive. Hopefully I don’t see her around too much. I rarely hold grudges, but I really dislike her in a way that is unusual for me. My dog is obsessed with trying to meet and socialize with every single resident of the building so it’s hard to avoid neighbors.


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