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Smart adulting idea?

Hey folks. Some of you are way good at adulting and for that, I look up to you. As my collective voice of reason, I hereby submit a request for advice.

For the last year I've been insured under ACA. It's been fine, my rate was about $185 a month and I had a $1000 deductible. However, I've been struggling to hit that deductible since the good version of my meds would mean paying $350 out of pocket every month until the deductible is hit. Therefore, I've stayed on the crappy version of my meds.


This year, due to open enrollment, I'm now covered under my work policy. It ends up being less per month but a higher deductible, but there's a way I might be able to hit it: eye surgery. Due to complications from lifelong diabetes, I need surgery on my right eye. I'm fairly certain it would fulfill my deductible, at which point I can get back on the good meds and not pay out the ass for them, which in turn will improve my health.

I also need my lady-parts examined and I already asked for advice on birth control, so ideally I'd get the eye thing taken care of first so I don't have to pay so much out of pocket for hooha meds as welll.

Is this a good line of thinking, or am I delusional as per usual?

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