Mr. Waffle is scary-smart. He knows a lot about a lot, and if he wants to learn something, he just watches videos on YouTube until he's got the basics down. I like to describe myself as an an enthusiastic dilettante; I'm fairly intelligent, but I'm not super-smart in any one area.

We recently decided to buy a house, and baby, I am shining like a damned diamond. We've gone to several open houses and made an appointment to see a really cute house. At each of these showings, I ask questions like, How old is the roof? What condition is the foundation in? What are the walls made of? What's the rating of the insulation in the attic?

The realtors, usually older white men, get big saucer eyes and stutter to answer my questions. One even said, in a you-don't-need-to-worry-about-that-little-lady voice, "Well, most people don't ask about the roof." To which I responded, "Well, most people aren't asking. I AM." If I had a penis, I would have had a victory-boner right then.

Back to Mr. Waffle. His eyes light up when I ask these questions, because he seems to like watching me in action, and he's impressed that I know things he doesn't. He texted me a few minutes to ask the difference between fixed rate mortgages and ARM's. He's home, he's in front of the computer, he could have Googled it, but he turns to ME. That makes me crazy-proud of myself.

What impressive knowledge-nuggets make you proud of yourself?