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I'm starting to consider joining the 21st century and quit being the only person under 30 that doesn't have a smart phone. But, there are just so many options. Plus, where I live is super rural, it's at least a 60 mile drive for me to even get to somewhere I can hold a phone and mess with it before I buy it. So, I'd like some recommendations, or even just what you like or dislike about your phone.

1) I have Verizon...don't know how much difference that makes, but it might.

2) I prefer Android over iOS. Plus, I'm already comfortable with it since I have an android tablet.


3) It seems like everybody I know has the Galaxy S4 and S5. Is that because they are good phones or just convenient. If I decide to go that route and wait until the S6 is officially released and the S5 prices should drop?

4) I want to have cute case options. I don't remember the specific phone, but I remember somebody in a different post complaining it was hard to find covers for their phone. I want to have at least a few cute options. (I lean toward the S4 or S5 just for that reason. I could get the awesome cases from Look Human).

5) One of the things I like to do with my "dumb" phone is talk to smart phone users like my brother and go "Want to know something I can do with my phone that you can't do with yours?", and then place mine in my pocket. I already have a laptop and a tablet, I don't need another device to carry around. Mostly just something I can text and play Candy Crush on (don't judge). I don't need it for most of my interneting, reading, etc, so no need for a "phablet".

Thanks for any help and suggestions. Maybe soon I can be one of the cool kids too. :-)

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