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SMDH this morning

I started out my morning with a little pet peeve! Mr. Misfit's brother is here this weekend, and I spent all week deep cleaning the apartment, without much help from Mr. Misfit (the one thing I asked him to do, he only half did). That's acceptable since he's really busy and I'm not so much. I made up the couch for his brother last night, pleased that my afghan was going to get used, put out a towel for him and everything. Gracious host type shit. Mr. Misfit drove his brother to the train station (he's got some convention in the city) this morning and when I get up I see the couch in shambles. His brother didn't even fold up the sheets and attempt to put the sofa right before they left! Like, sure, I wasn't planning on using the sofa this weekend. I feel like their mother, cleaning up after them, which must be what she did since neither of them fucking clean up after themselves.

These boys have zero home training. smdh


Sorry, I just needed to get that out.

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