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SMH - Cribs edition

Ugh MTV Cribs starring 'normal' (non-celebrity) people.

"Well, we lived in Europe for over three and a half years, and then we lived in Asia for two years, and we liked the architecture and art so much we decided to bring some of it home." Oh really, you loved the distinct architectural style of all of Europe! Good for you! Over three and a half years you say? Well bonjours, mes amis, I didn't know I was talking to some bona fide Europeans here!


This segues into their collection of imported stained glass windows and kitchen counters made from "refashioned church altars". Needless to say, it's tacky as fuck.

"And if you notice around the house you'll see the words "dream" and "believe". It's kind of our family motto." SO WOW. MUCH UNIQUE. VERY INSPIRE. I'm confused though - do I "dream" before I "believe"? Or do I have to really "believe" before I can start "dreaming"?


"This is the really special part of our house - the chapel. We had left over stained glass from building the house, so my dad gave this chapel as a gift to my mom"


"One of my most precious moments was 9/11." The story afterwards was about how she'd had a meeting scheduled the day before at the World Trade Centre but it had been cancelled. I'm not sure if "precious" should a word used to describe 9/11.


"One thing people always say when they come here is "wow, it feels like a home"."

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