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SMITE, Anyone?

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So, the partner and I have been pretty obsessed with this game over the last few months. It's a MOBA, but it mostly lacks the same toxic community that you'll find in bro-filled League of Legends.


Overall, we're pretty happy and have had a ton of fun. The gameplay is less RTS and more FPS/MMO-style, which is way more our style. As a former scholar of religions, I love the "GOD vs GOD" angle and the gameplay is pretty solid.

Here's the rub: the art is very, ehrm, revealing. Micro bikinis and the like. To be fair, the men are portrayed in the same idealized fashion with a lot of iron-chiseled chests and perfect wavy hair.


They also, one of my favorite parts, employ a lot of women in their back and front work. Tune into their twitch account and you're more likely to see a woman kicking ass than a man. The community is leagues away from LoL, but you still get assholes who are, frankly, in a slim minority. Teamwork and good spirits abound.

If anyone plays or wants to play, I'm always excited to make new friends. It's not perfect, but it's also tons of fun.


EDIT: Bah, tried to make the image the link to the game site but stupid Kinja thinks people want to comment on the image. Here's the site.

EDIT2: Seems like some people are interested? I can be found as CrowingOne, which is more a desire to keep many logins standard than an attachment to a decade-old handle.

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