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A "social media guru" on my Facebook just posted this video. It has a definite "WAKE UP SHEEPLE!!!!" vibe and contains clips from Fight Club, so you know it's really on the cutting edge.

On the one hand, I get it: people toil away at boring desk jobs doing boring work that never takes them anywhere new or exciting or really challenges them. And that sucks. On the other hand, it seems like such a single, young, white male fantasy to say, "Stop living in the hamster wheel system! Free yourself!"




Oh, you know, find what you love. Whatever that is. And you can totally get paid for it. Somehow.


Love it a bunch I guess. I dunno. Don't ask the makers of this video.

One commenter on Sploid put it this way:

This is inspiring until you think about the man or woman sitting "in a box doing some shit they don't like" because they have a family that needs food and "sitting in the box" is the best way to provide food and shelter and clothing, and "sitting in a box" isn't that bad, because, well, kids get hungry, and cold. We're not all single and living in a country with freedom and potential. Until we all wake up one day and say that we're going to live open handedly with what we've been given, people will have to go to their box. It's not about breaking free from a job, so that YOU can be happy. It's about growing a real community so that everyone can live. Focus on the people around you, even the people you work with. Someone made this video because they had a father or grandfather that labored for 40-50 years doing shit they hate so that their kid could have the freedom to compile clips of movies together and inspire people. You're life will be a waste only if you fail to deeply connect with the people around you, no matter where you are.


Now sure, we shouldn't necessarily all kiss the ground every day in gratitude because we aren't all miners and housewives anymore. That's true. But it's also true that people are often as happy as they choose to be, and sometimes your hamster wheel existence in your 20s or 30s can lead to something else. And if it doesn't? Maybe your pride can be in providing a good life for your family, for finding time in your off hours to express yourself. To choose to be happy.

I'm not thrilled with my job, but I'm pretty thrilled with my life at the moment. And my job makes other things — like travelling to New Orleans (which was awesome) possible. I find the smug attitude of, "Why do you choose to be a slave to the system?" fairly ridiculous because it negates the idea that you could have a full, happy, content life while also doing something you don't "love" to fund that happiness. Not everyone wants to set the world on fire, and that should be okay. And attitudes like these often imply that work you're proud of and work you love should always be exciting and engaging and thrilling. Sometimes doing something you love can be just as hard and grueling and soul-crushing in the moment as a job you hate.


And for the love of God, if you're actually going to advocate this self-fulfilled lifestyle at least offer some concrete advice. Because this vaguery just comes off as, "Don't ask us how, but you need to wake up!!!!!!"

Ultimately it's just one long, empty, loud positive affirmation.

Do what fills your heart! I don't know what that is or how you could make money at it or what you should do if you don't know what you want to do, but do it! Let those pesky minorities do the "job-jobs," you're white! Go skydive over some sharks!

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