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I'm not exactly sure this counts as an article, and I'm not exactly sure who is answering these questions, but here's a nice little writeup that satisfies my desire/suspicion that Republicans are digging themselves into a hole.

In the link, in mentions that 60% of Republicans actually favor gay marriage, and talks a little about the generational divide. What is telling is that there are no young hot-shot Republicans in Congress or elsewhere that are representing this population (ETA: I know there are young ones, just not ones that align with the younger citizenry). I think that the big threat to the Democrats would be if there was a Republican who embraces the ideals of the younger generation viewed as a front runner. According to the article, Jeb Bush is trying to be that but failing. Obviously, the problem is someone staying close to the center is unlikely to get elected in the primaries; someone who hugs the far right and gets elected during the primaries is unlikely to get the vote in the genera election.


I just don't think they can turn this around in the next year and a half. This is not the election cycle that it will happen. When I look at every likely presidential candidate for the Republicans, not one of them is even a little moderate. Jeb Bush really does look the most moderate.

(Special fun that Jeb Bush is admitting that his principles will align with what he thinks will get him elected - we all know that's the general strategy usually but he flat out says it, basically)..

Sorry I keep posting. Bored at work today!

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