Snack Talk: New Snacks 2014--Potato Chip Edition

I was walking around a department store today and saw these Lay's Milk Chocolate potato chips which seems incredible or sort of mediocre, depending on your proclivities. I remember once having chocolate covered fritos once and that was some delicious shit so I think this would be delicious as well. It's part of a whole new trend of Americans trying new potato chip flavors, finally catching up with Canadians and their pickle, ketchup and weird roastin' chicken chips. Lays really kicked off much of this movement on the mainstream national snack stage by having a contest for new flavors, including my favorite, Macaroni and Cheese as well as the eventual winner, Wasabi and the questionable, Cappuccino.

Other potato chips of interest, that I could buy at Wawa, the only store that matters, includes Zapp's, a longtime Louisiana Brand. I like Mesquite Barbeque personally, as Barbeque is generally my favorite chip. This brings me also investigating the local potato chip market, comparing Barbeque to Barbeque to Barbeque. Personally, if I have to compare them all, Herr's has the barbeque flavor that I find most satisfying with Utz a near second. If you want to think more about New England based chips, I like a good Cape Cod Mesquite Barbeque Chip, with just the right amount of heat and gravitas.


Doritos, who focused less on making extreme potato chip hybrids and more on making something I'd occasionally like to eat has introduced their Dinamita line of chips, including their Chile Limon and Fiery. The Chile Limon is actually quite good. Like Cool Ranch doritos good. That's high praise. Very high praise.

What are your favorite chips? Would you ever write a bullshit list like this ? Bugles aren't chips. Neither are pita chips. I mean, really, wtf?