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Snake oils for 50+ skin?

I used to mercilessly mock my mother for buying anti-aging creams, but now that I’m beginning to get wrinkles myself, I all of a sudden have much more sympathy for her. Long story short, she feels bad about her aging, I have a discount coupon for Sephora, I want to buy her some products that will both make her skin look better and also feel a little bit luxurious (to clarify: we’re not talking $200 luxurious here, but $50-100 luxurious).

She’s in her late 50s and has combination skin. She has wrinkles and her skin is kind of saggy, but there’s other issues, too: she has large pores, her skin looks kind of dull (she’s a heavy smoker, which doesn’t help), and she’s prone to couperose/blotchy skin. Which doesn’t mean she isn’t adorable and cute, but these are the things that bother her about her skin!


Any people on here with similar issues? What are your favorite snake oils? If they’re available from Sephora, great; if not, that’s okay, too. I understand creams =/= a facelift, but I’m looking for products that will at least make her skin look and feel more even and elastic.

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