I like a lot of things, but these afternoons with you have got to top the list....

Posting privileges! Hooray! Mostly I'm just a thing called Raph, and I do the graduate school for Printmaking. I'm probably not going to post that much or that frequently, but I'm overjoyed at being given the opportunity. Thaaaaaank you! <3 <3 <3 THANKSTHANKSTHANKS!

It's likely I will link y'all to work in progress as I'm making it and ask for advice, especially since it seems since it seems like I'm 1 of 3 rull feministy-types of the 20 folks in my program. Everyone else is cool and helpful but rather unactivated and doesn't see the use. Oh, abstract expressionists and your tacit alignment with the status quo (sigh) Right on!

Here's some keyboard porn! Don't see too much of that 'round here.