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Sneaking back in, if you'll have me...

Yup. Asking for forgiveness regarding last week’s FFF.

Me & Mr. 4th went away last week.

Our travel day happened to be almost Fur Face Friday (no, Saturday, but my Friday was consumed with packing), which I hosted & scheduled according to Kinja mechanics, but I failed to host according to accepted manners & friendship. I am so sorry for not acknowledging your Fur Faces with a comment. I know my fellow Snout Selectors did it for me, with love & fanfare! Still, no excuse. I’m truly sorry.


In my own defense: Sexy times. Hooo, boy. Fishing, swimmy floaty toy times, checking Stone Crab traps with a childhood friend who’s been commercial fishing the Keys for 25 years. His lovely wife, who I had not met until I met her that day, invited us. I love warm & welcoming women. His father, and he, had a fishing boat in my hometown for the previous decades, s did almost every boy in my grammar school class. This was so special.

Delicious meals we packed or bought. Many, many STATE PARKS (“skate parks,” because I’m a jackass, and I can’t hear shit. This became a theme ) Birds! Oh my gawd, birds. Fishes. Side of the road swimming. Throwing a pole over a bridge. Footsie times. I can’t even explain it, how much we fit each other.

Anyway, I missed you all. Mr. 4th knows how important this place is for me & loves that he is called “Mr. 4th.” He loves even more that someone called him “Mr. Nachos & Beer”:) GiGi was it you?

I’m your Krabby & I loves ya.


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