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SNL last Saturday awfulllllll

I saw it last night OnDemand after Bones.

a) flashback to mid1970s when two men were the norm anchoring the news. Really its 2014. Colin Joost is awful, new guy has excellent facial expressions and not bad delivery of lines. Joost should have been dumped and they should have kept Cecily Strong.


b) The three men sharing an apartment with one bringing in young boys. What was the point of that sketch? They spoke in monotone.

c) Really the sex jokes seem to be written by junior high kids. The scene with Aidy Bryant and the guy at the bar I kept thinking, are they suppose to be adults or jr high kids.


d) Cecily Strong's Girl You Wish You Hadn't Talked To (or whatever) her mixing Ebola with Obama so reminded me of Gilda Radner mixing things up I expected a "never mind" at the end. The "teen boy" that followed her seemed to be a derivation of her character but worst.

Totally bad episode. I did laugh at the punter who said he commited tax fraud. That sketch had one joke, the only good line.

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