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SNL's (not shocking) lack of diversity

While I don't like that this year's crop of newbies is a half dozen white guys and I agree that the only-2-black-women-hosts is not cool, I just had the thought that perhaps it's because Lorne Michaels' reasons for lack of diversity in hosting is b/c they don't know how to write for black women. I cannot STAND Cecily Strong's characters, because they're funny because they're ethnic stereotypes, which makes them not funny. I got to thinking, what if Retta was SNL host? First I thought YES! that would be awesome! then I thought about it, and realized there'd be some "Beauty Shop"-style sketch with her and Keenan as stereotypes or something equally awful. I mean, her monologue would be wonderful, but I feel like all the white guys wouldn't know what to write for her. Which is worse: a lack of diversity in casting, or a diverse casting that writes offensive sketches?


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