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Welcome To The Bitchery

Snow Day Cod and Split Pea Soup (For One)

1 frozed cod lion (loin, but lion is more fun to say)

1/2 cup dried split peas (yellow), wrinsed and picked through for pebbles or twigs


1 tablespoon butter (salted or unsalted!)

1.5 cups water

1 bay leaf

1 clove garlic

Heavy dash of curry powder

Salt, to taste

1. Thaw your cod lion (or any other thick feesh filet). Cut into cubes of about 1 cm in length. If you saved the feesh water that came out from the thawing, set aside as well.


2. In a small pot, place your peas and butter, and lightly toast them. Add your curry powder at this time. They'll turn a richer brighter yellow. When everything smells browned and currylike and delicious, add your water. Taste the water and then add enough salt to make everything pop. I think I used a teaspoon of kosher salt, but it's up to you

3. Boil the peas for half an hour on high. Stir occasionally. When you grab a spoonful of peas from the bottom and they look like they've started to break down, add in the feesh and the feesh-water. When the Cod chunks are opaque, discard the bay leaf and enjoy with bread and butter.

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