I dreamed that I was called in to help a hippopotamus give birth. I had to give her a c-section. The baby was fine and I got lots of hippo kisses.

But then

For some reason the baby was angry, and escaped her enclosure, and was chasing me through an arts and crafts show at this huge rambling mansion. And she turned into a human so she could get around more easily and I had to take offy red coat because it was too recognizable.

But she eventually caught up to me and the group of scientists I was working with and I told her the story of her birth and she calmed down and I got baby hippo kisses in thanks.

And then the government went to great lengths to hide the location and existence of the estate with the art show and the hippos. But the bad people were using satellite imagery to determine the location. Which was the obvious cliffhanger/set up for the sequel.