I know I sound like a brat since my boss gave us off today for the holiday but I really hope that they let us out early tomorrow. The snow is supposed to be at its worst during rush hour. I'm already getting anxiety thinking about driving in the snow.

I didn't get my license until I was 19 and I didn't have my own car till I was 22. I had the means, I had a regular job, I was in college. Driving just filled me with such anxiety and no one respects that. I'm sorry going 60 mph in a large metal cage with the ability to kill myself or others if I screw up is daunting to some people.

The one accident I was in: spun my car in the snow. Thank God I didn't hit anyone else and I wasn't hurt. I was on my way to my old admin job where I did sales reporting. Apparently corporate in FLORIDA didn't think the late morning snow was a good reason not to go into work. I also had complete capability to access my work computer and do my job from home. Seriously 90% of my job at the time was emailing reports to people.

To summarize I hate the snow and I need to figure out a job where I can telecommute.