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Snow Happens

I have always been different from other people. I am not so much a fan of lounging on sandy beaches on some tropical locale. On this, our third Snow-Monday in as many weeks, I'm looking at flights to Iceland and Norway and Alaska. Because Iceland is like another planet:


It's so strange to me that the news people only ever talk to people who don't like cold, who don't like precipitation, who are tired of the current weather. There was one time that they talked to a guy who was really happy it was going to be in the teens for a few days, because he runs a ski resort, and it's great pow-making weather. The news guy didn't know what to ask him, because his answers were so different from what he's used to.

Surely there are other people like me out there, who appreciate all of the seasons. I lived in the desert for a while, and it made me appreciative for all of the weather that makes the world less dusty and brown. Snow is just another step in the process. There's magic in snow.


Snow is going to happen. You can either be miserable in it, or find the magic. I hope more people find that magic.

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