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Snow: Love or Hate (No Middle Ground)

I hate it. My arguments:

I don’t care about having a snow day - your responsibilities are still there, you just can’t get as much done which ends up making work/life harder when things resume normally.


My budget is fucked up now. I ordered next week’s groceries and they’re supposed to be delivered this weekend. But will they be? WHO KNOWS? Now I have to go to the supermarket and spend unplanned for money. (Also this snow and last snow have come on the days I’ve gotten my paychecks and that has also screwed up my budgeting for the month, for... a series of complicated reasons).

These bigs snow falls have come before recycling day, and the last one was so bad they haven’t come to collect recycling yet. And now they won’t come collect it tomorrow, so that’s 3 weeks of trash sitting in front of my door. Last year we also got a lot of snow on weekends. I know this because my landlord, who observes Shabbos, would text me about a hundred times on Saturday night about salting/shoveling the sidewalk. Which brings me to:

I feel a very certain way about shoveling


My angry shoveling feelings are related to the fact that some lazy ass people do not shovel, but are perfectly happy to back their car up into a spot that somebody else shoveled, and fuck up parking on my whole block.


So that’s me. What say you GT, pro snow or no snow?

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