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Snow, Outrage, and Rants: A Response to "Why The South Fell Apart in the Snow"

I wrote this post in response to Brian Barrett's post on Gizmodo that was aggressive, provocative, and sensationalized. If you'd like to read my response, please take a minute to read through his post first. It'd be hypocritical to say my post isn't aggressive as well, but I stand behind my points. That's not to say there aren't any valid points in his original article.


When he explained why this would happen, what with lack of snow plows, salt, and the like. He explains it well, though the entire article is directed in a negative fashion towards part of his own demographic, with the title of the section reading "Why You're Wrong". If I was his boss, I'd be upset that a journalist has taken offense to part of the media outlet's audience. Not as upset as I would be if I had read the title of his second section, "Why You're an Asshole".

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