I made a thing to replace the soup CERTAIN DAWG PERSONS (they know who they are) dragged off the stove that was to feed my parents & Mr. 4th’s Mother. It’s an Italian dish one of my dearest friends makes that I love. Usually it has more pasta & no beans, but I replaced much of the pasta with white beans, because I love Mr. 4th & he loves beans.

Loose Italian sausage, garlic & onion sautéed in olive oil. Add chicken stock, white beans, a whole head of chopped broccoli rabe, red pepper flakes & sauté. Add basil, parmesan cheese & cooked “little ear” pasta & toss. Let it sit for a bit before eating.

I saved the broccoli rabe stalks for my next dish, which is cooking right now. Lamb & vegetable curry in the crock pot. Smells SO GOOD already!

Kindnesses: Over the last few bad snow storms, twice a stranger with a plow has taken mercy on me and plowed out the back of my car when they saw me shoveling. I wanted to cry. People are good. Mr. 4th is an electrician. He wired my parents’ generator into their breaker panel tonight to make it better & easier when we lose power tomorrow (we will. strong wind & ice). My nephew offered to plow out Mr. 4th’s elderly Mother’s driveway after the storm ends, for FREE. I gave Mr. 4th my all wheel drive car to go spend the night with his Mother (with above sausage dinner) so he can come back to me safely tomorrow morning. His 2 wheel drive truck is in my driveway. I want to be snowed in together with him!!!


What is your snow storm food plan? Any snow kindness to report? Anything else you wanna discuss?