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snowblivion, snow-it-all, ass-snowle..me!

Plus tender mercies, every body. I'll start with the tender mercies.

* 2 teenagers knocked on my door at 11am to ask if I needed shoveling...FUCK YES! I had no cash, so I asked if they would take a check written to "cash." They said yes and did a fantastic job. I gave them $10 more than they asked for. This is the first time in 16 years that I didn't have to shovel myself out and 2 years out from shoveling my Parents in.

*2 years ago I had an elbow stress fracture from shoveling me out & the parents in. My sweet parents have since hired a guy...I love them.


* I had brought my work home from my workshop before the storm to get it done. Which is a sucky, cold, spidery basement environment but I couldn't chance missing a deadline. My job takes up space & creativity. I have to do what I need to do under less than best conditions, wherever I may find myself. So, I brought it to spider~town! Moved it back to my workshop today~ FUCKING YAY~ 12 inches of snow, not 36!

* Upstairs from my workshop are 2 apartments. Front Apartment Man plowed our ENTIRE parking lot; blessings. I bought & gave him 2 six-packs of IPA beer.

* Tender Mercies visited my life today~

1) the teenage shoveling boys. 2) the teenagers that dug my Parents out. 3) No expectations led to real, in the world, valuable help. 4) The neighbor who plowed my doorway & overhead door at my workshop.


People are good, ya know? I was having an internally shitty day, but my experiences in the external world were STELLAR~

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