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Snowy Cows

We are having a blizzard. It is going to be below zero for a few days, so I bought some calf jackets for the babies, because I am paranoid :(

Meanwhile, the older cows are apparently winter-lovers and won't go in the barn. Yes, those are icicles hanging off of Solstice's belly.


We have already established that Dew is not the brightest bulb on the tree (She has done this twice more already). After I put her jacket on her, she ran out in to the snow and started flailing around and kicking. It was adorable, but counter-productive.


Arggh why must they trigger my anxiety so?? I worry about them all day! What if they are cold? What if I am not feeding them enough? I heard Dew cough once, what if she is dying of pneumonia??????

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