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Snuggle Therapy

A “Snuggle Therapy” clinic just opened in my city. I have sooo many thoughts/feelings about this.

(My cats, as a spacer. Not currently available for cuddling to anyone but me.)

Here’s the company’s website.

OK, first of all, I can kind of see the need for this. I agree that most humans have a real need for simple touch, and that it can be therapeutic. The bio of the guy who owns/operates the clinic makes him seem like a really great guy:

Born and raised in London, he did a Bachelor of Religious Studies in Toronto and worked there with street-involved youth and men experiencing homelessness. He then went on to graduate level studies in Vancouver. Although encouraged to continue on to a PhD in the UK, he decided to leave school to focus on living in Vancouver’s downtown eastside (the poorest postal code in Canada) and working with street-involved youth and male, female and trans* sex workers. Dan moved back to London in 2012 in order to raise his family and has continued to work here with people experiencing homelessness. In his career, Dan has done everything from frontline work, to intensive case management, to program management and development.


That said, why is he dressed like a hipster pirate?

Illustration for article titled Snuggle Therapy

If this is supposed to be completely non-sexual, why can you cuddlesnuggle on a bed or floor? The FAQ states “some folks like to have the back of their necks caressed or tickled”. I can’t picture this in any non-romantic way.

I’m not sure what is target demographic is. A lot of the website seems to indicate that it’s geared toward disenfranchised people, but it costs $80/hour. So rich lonely disenfranchised people?


Why does it cost $80/hour? That’s more than it costs to have a with session a massage therapist, or to have a nurse come to your house, or any number of specialty services that require precise technical training.

Why, if you pay for a 10 hour overnight session (only $400!), will you get only 6 hours of sleep? Are you expected to just lie there touching someone for 4 solid hours?


I fully admit, I am basically the opposite of who their intended clientele would be (I’m not lonely, I get as much human touch as I need, I’m so ticklish that the idea of someone touching my neck makes me want to scream, and I don’t have hundreds of dollars lying around to spend on therapy that isn’t covered by insurance), so I could be missing the attraction here. All snark aside, would anyone here seriously consider this?

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