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Snuggling with ghosties

Like so many of you, I have spent the day curled up in a miserable puddle of sick, achy agony. I live alone, save for a live cat (Mina, who waits patiently for me to die so she can eat me), a ghost cat (whom I've dubbed Spooks because of course), and a Grey Lady, so the onus to entertain myself is entirely on me. Easy enough to do when I'm hale and whole, slightly ridiculous when I'm laid up with a sinus infection that's moved down into my lungs. Ginchy.

So today's sick-bed adventure: tracking ghosts! While trying to document my cat's creepy vulture pose (because it's always comforting to have a carrion cat looming over your weakened form), I ended up battling with this blue thing that kept getting in the way. It showed up sporadically enough that I knew it couldn't be blamed on dirt/smudges on the (clean) camera lens, and there wasn't anything around/between my cat and myself that could account for reflections or interference. Dark room, drawn blackout shades, nothing shiny except the camera phone in my hand. Here it is on my cat's abdomen:


It occasionally changed shape, sometimes elongating a bit as shown here:

And here it is just hanging out on the mattress next to me:


So guess I'm just going to hunker down for the night with Vulture!Cat and a snuggly ghostie. Cuddle cuddle! I must say, though, that this is absolutely hilarious to me and a very effective way to keep myself happily distracted from the cat who's waiting to feast on my ailing flesh.

Hope everyone else is having a better Saturday night than I. Share stories! Let me live vicariously through you!

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