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A needle pulling thread. No, wait. That's sew.

So. I was out drinking tonight, one of the few nights each year when I drink, because it's Homecoming weekend which means Alumi Marching Band which means marching in the parade tonight and pre-game for the football game tomorrow, but more importantly for the purposes of this post, and I almost totally typed porpoises of this post, but that was unintentional and not on porpoise, but more importantly for the purposes of this post, that means friends from college back in town, and we've been doing this over 30 years now, Oh!, and this afternoon as we were preparing for the parade, I got interviewed by the University channel, and it is supposed to appear on the University channel on cable Tuesday and on YouTube the same day and if I find it and I don't look too dorky I'll post it, but I digress, because the real porpoise of the purpose of this post is to say I was out drinking tonight and I got a little drunk, and for some reason I was thinking all the way home "I need to post on GT that I'm drunk tonight, cause I bet no one else is drunk tonight, or at least very few are" and I get home and find that I was far off the mark because it seems this is GT is drunk night and rather than being an early-adopter, I'm a follower, which is okay, but it looks like I missed the drinking party.

So, cheap beer for me tonight. That is all.


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