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So about my love life...

It's frustratingly anorgasmic, and here's why:

1)After a very hot hookup with a ladyfriend I finally came to terms with the fact that I have trouble orgasming during partnered sex, and this is likely due to trauma from my previous assault. I was instructed by my therapist to let myself off the hook because that kind of pressure is a surefire way to kill an orgasm.

2)ExGod and I hooked up after a kink party. He wanted to get back together and I (not without some difficulty) turned him down. He and Hera have also split, so while i believe his sincerity I also think he is emotionally confused. Still could not come, which is very disappointing/embarrassing because exGod is amazing at Sex.


3) tried to show solidarity with coworker by attending his ex's wedding with him... But he hit on me half the time. The other half he was drinking and trying to look happy.

4) The girl I had a crush on for a while doesn't respect me even as a friend. She uses me as an emotional dumping ground for her shitty hetero relationships with guys who don't respect her and doesn't even talk to me about regular friend things or offer to hang out. She tells me she likes me but isn't ready to date, then dates other guys and doesn't talk to me anymore, then jokes about how I'm her girlfriend. Not cool. My bi-ness isn't a joke and I doubt she would have done this with a straight guy.

5) Am continually frustrated at myself re: my continued feelings for Sokka. It's seriously ridiculous IMO. Everyone says "he was ok but not special Korra, you'll find someone else". When in the history of time has that ever worked on someone?

6) Re-joined okc....dear god why...all the compatible, non-creepy people who contacted me remind me of Sokka.


.....ugh..... This is gonna be tough...I think I'm gonna go hide again.

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