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So About Those Cut Penises....

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Firstly, a disclaimer: This post is NOT about whether or not it is moral or "right" to circumcise your male child. It is NOT about female genital mutilation either. It is NOT about how you'll fuck up your son or diminish his sexual pleasure by cutting off his foreskin for religious or health reasons and it is NOT about whether circumcision is worse than FGM. (It's not) I will not be entertaining any of those kinds of comments because I don't want to talk about that. I will dismiss comments to that effect.


What this post is about is whether or not women actually care if their guy is cut or uncut. I've been with cut and uncut guys and it hasn't really bothered me either way. Penises are penises. (Penii?) They're (almost) all pretty awesome! But someone always talks about guys being "ashamed" of not being cut and I've never heard that in real life. Is foreskin shaming a thing? And even if it is, do women really care? Do any of you ladies care? I'm more likely to not sleep with someone because their dick is gross or unclean (smegma anyone? gross) than because it's uncut. Honestly, the first time I saw an uncut penis I was more fascinated than anything else. I'd never seen one! Lol.

So basically, for the ladies: do you care if your guy is cut or uncut? And for the lads: have you ever felt pressured to be cut when you werent?

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