Not perfect, no, and still cheesy. But if you were wondering if you should give it a shot โ€” or bother continuing โ€” I'd say it's generally on the right track. I'm starting to really enjoy the dynamics, although I wish that there was a lot more about Coulson and Melinda (separately, or together) than the Lil' Agents.

Otherwise, I think Ward's Ken Dollishness is sort of endearing, and Skye's propensity to make every sentence a kicky one-liner has been toned down massively from the pilot.


Fitz & Simmons are adorable, and the monkey line from last night was easily the highlight.

I must say that even though they went for the "she probably used her boobs" line, I liked that two women were in the room giving him (Fitz? Simmons?) shit for it. On balance, it didn't come off as badly as it might have in a room full of back-patting dudes.

Anyone else watching?