Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

I am of Mexican descent. My husband is a Muslim immigrant. I’ve almost become desensitized to everyone I love being a symbol of invasion and a clash of civilizations for an alarming percentage of white people.

What happened in Christchurch has been a shock. I don’t know how we fix this. I can’t tell these people that a Muslim helped me take care of my dying (Catholic) dad. That I’ve spent so much time in a Muslim country and was taken into a Muslim family like I was born into it. That, though my MIL covers her hair, my SIL is basically Turkish Kesha and they’re both equally Muslims. The only thing about their way of life that I find alien is that they insist on drinking hot tea at the beach (and made fun of my desire for iced coffee.)


I can’t tell them because I’m already less than a human to them.

I don’t want to understand them. I don’t give a shit why you become this way. I just want their way of thinking wiped off the earth.

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