I was at a grocery store that is not my favorite but they do have a good newspaper section. I picked up to peruse a New York newspaper (a tabloid shaped one).

It was about Leslie Jones who was in Ghostbusters and is on SNL. I thought she was early 30 but she is 48. God am I bad at guessing ages for people on tv.

Anyways the utter harassment she got on twitter, some folks hacked her account exposing her drivers license, passport and private nude photos. Some compared her to an ape.

What the Hell are we doing folks. This is so wrong on so many levels. Its racist along with utterly dehumanizing. For what? Why would any human being create such comments and spend time an energy doing this. I can only come up with one reason. Yes hatred, bigotry, racism but most bigots do not spend time posting about it, thank god. What makes this subgroup do it? For kicks, for enjoyment, for pleasure of causing folks pain.


This is a super dangerous combo.

I wrote this before and writing this again. One day a celebrity will be found dead due to this. We already have seen teens and older dying due to this. Celebrities whether athlete or in entertainment have their breaking points just like the rest of society.

People call this trolling. I cannot. Its too psychotic and sadistic. I posted on usenet in the 90s there were trolls but not like this. Trolling for most was about attention getting. It was making a headline or post that were clickbait.