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So...anyone know anything about Chef's Knives?

Ok, so this is a long shot I know but I was wondering if any of you could help me plan a purchase.

Basically, I need a knife. Well, no, I want a knife. As usually happens, this season of Top Chef has strongly and, if history teaches us anything, temporarily convinced me that I need to become better at cooking and, because I am so weak of character that I think of myself as fundamentally defined by the things I own, I've decided that the first thing I need to buy is a Chef's Knife. Now, I have a perfectly fine set of knives in a wooden block on my kitchen cabinet but lately I've been convinced that what is tragically and unfairly holding me back from the realm of gastronomical wizardry is that I don't have a single, fancy Chef's Knife.

Now, my initial investigation into this process has yielded two possible avenues. One, a food blogger I read has recommended a pair of nice looking, sturdy seeming knives that run from 40-60 dollars here and here. The second option involves a super awesome looking place called Tosho Knife Arts who sell mainly Japanese knives that run anywhere from 150 dollars to the thousands(their stuff is pretty and can be seen here)


Now, I'm sure the folk who are still reading at this point are almost universally saying "Just buy the cheaper knife. You've already declared this to be a transitory interest and the cheaper knives will be able to handle any terrible cooking projects you throw its way" and there's probably some truth there.

But listen here, imaginary smarty pants, I really want to buy the prettier knife and I can afford a couple hundred bucks on something that very well might be relegated to really just being a piece of decoration. I can't help it, I'm a dope.

So my question is...am I at least buying something legitimate here? Not the store itself, which is legit, but just the general principle of an expensive knife actually providing value. Like, I don't care if the difference between it and a less expensive knife can only be detected by grumpy old chefs who would consider me unworthy of such a blade, I just want to know it's something to justify the expense.


(PS once you're on board the "I'm probably buying the expensive knife anyway" train, do you have any advice specifically there?)

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