Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

She is a big, dumb, loveable coonhound. So I crawled out of bed to investigate. I came downstairs to pet her to calm her down, and then I turned on all of the outside lights and look outside.


So I pet her again and went back to bed. A half hour later I heard our boston terrier outside the bedroom door. He obviously wanted to go outside. Our boston has cataracts from diabetes, so he is nearly blind. I consider that there might be a bear or maybe a coyote outside, so I got dressed so I could go out with him, just in case. So I went out on the patio and he goes out of sight just around the corner as I scanned the backyard. I heard the dog start to pee on something and then I heard this "HUFF". Maybe 25 feet away a bear stood up and moved from behind a big tree in the backyard. Now I went out there sort of assuming that there might be a bear outside, but you cannot really be prepared for such a thing at 3 AM. I yelled for the dog to get back in the house. The bear stands there and starts HISSING at me! Which is something I have never heard before. (yeah-kinda creepy) Now the dog has stopped just a few feet away from me, and since I yelled at him, he assumes he is in trouble and does not want to come closer. I reach down and grab him a little roughly and he starts yelping and then I saw the bear turn away and run off as we scrambled back inside.


My guess is that there is a torn open bag of garbage out behind that tree in the backyard.

I think I will wait until tomorrow to go out and clean it up.

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