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So bloody sick of being a "career widow"

So, I have not seen Mr Stockton all week. Quite literally, he went to work Tuesday morning for a 30 hour call shift, got home after I went to work Wednesday; we had to go out and socialize Wednesday evening. Thursday, he was at work until after 9, and got home in time to go to bed and turn around and go back to work this morning. He's been at work for 13 hours now today, and has no idea when he's getting home. Oh, and he's on call again at 8 am tomorrow, where he will be until mid-day Sunday. And, since he's a resident, he makes what is roughly equal to $3/hour.

I'm so sympathetic to the fact that he's working himself to the bone, but this just sucks. It sucks for him, and since when he comes home he's miserable and exhausted and fried, it's not exactly awesome for me, either. I've had a really big week, and would love to do something to celebrate some of the things that happened, but if I make plans that overlap with the brief windows that he is home, I end up feeling like I'm missing out on what little time I have with him.



So here I am, cold dinner and glass of wine for one. What's everyone else doing this Friday evening?

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