Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

It's Kiddo's Elementary School Nite at the Local High School Football Game. It's humid. Kid is playing with friends. Hubs at home. So sweaty in jeans. Why I wear jeans? Also I have no parent friends among her friends' parents. Ugh. So thirsty. Send amusement. And beer.

ETA: Found one of my daughter's friends' parents who actually hung around me to talk! It was nice getting to know some new peeps. But, we were going thru a Wendy's drive thru on the way home, and my car died when we got to the speaker box and my check engine light came on. Ugh. Waiting for my husband to come pick me up because we live down the street and the tow truck won't be here for 90 minutes! I'm getting a Frosty, man.


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